Transformers Kingdom: War For Cybertron figures revealed (Where to buy)

The next iteration in the War for Cybertron series comes to a close with these incredible versions of  your favorite Beast Wars characters. The best part: Fewer exclusives!
Deluxe Class:
Brand new reveals include Blackarachnia, Cheetor, Paleotrex and Warpath. They are all available for preorder at:

Revealed for this scale were Cyclonus and everyone's favorite late 90's ape Optimus Primal!
You can preorder them here:

Ent Earth (Optimus Primal):

On the Leader Class scale we got the humongous Beast Wars Megatron. TERRORIZE!!!
Preorder at:

Transformers Core Class

These bots are smaller than a Deluxe and are reminiscent of the Legends Class figures. Included are Rattrap, Optimus prime  and Vertebreak:



Fret not, they are not as bad as other years. 

Biosfera Autobot clones (Amazon exclusive):


Included in this wave are Arcee from Transformers Prime and Cheetor. These are 6 inch non transformable figures made in the vein of Marvel Legends. Preorders are open now:

Hasbro Pulse Exclusives : Transformers Prime Hades Megatron
Celebrating the 10 years of TF Prime, Meggy was originally released as a Japan exclusive. We also get a Vehicon and Breakdown 2 pack. They are now available via Hasbro Pulse:

As a cherry on top, we got this super detailed poster created by Emiliano Santalucia. You can see there Galvatron, Huffer, Gears, and a TITAN SIZED ARK! Is this a teaser? Enjoy! 


Complete that collection FOO!