Mando Mondays reveals: Black Series, Vintage Collection All you need to know (Where to buy)

 It's Mando Mondays! A corporate effort to besiege us with a crap ton of merchandise from the only Disney Star Wars production most fans seem to like. The Mandalorian has paused the internal civil war amongst Star Wars fans that started with the Force Awakens and ended with the dismal Rise of Skywalker, but HEY! BABY YODA IS HERE! (I know, we are not supposed to call him that, but we obey no corporate overlord, and we don't care about pleasing for access so here we are!) 

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Star Wars the Vintage Collection 3.75 inch figures:

Revealed are Moff Gideon and the Armorer. They are expected for a January 2021 release:


Ent Earth: 


There is also a Walmart Exclusive Mandalorian with removable helmet, extra accessories  and BABY YODA in container.
Preorder at Walmart:


Oh yes! They are not done yet sucking our wallets dry. These awesome retro Kenner styled Mando figures have almost the entire cast and can be preordered in the vintage style packaging here:

The Mandalorian Monopoly: This one comes with a retro style remnant Stormtrooper, and is exclusive to Disney and Hasbro Pulse:


We have the Scout trooper with BABY YODA in a bag. This item will be exclusive to Amazon:

Black Series 6 inch Din Djarin and BABY YODA build up pack.
Available only at Target......(Yeah we hate that too) 
This version features a removable helmet, a Baby Yoda that seems to be non articulated, and a ton of extra accessories:

This one is exclusive to Disney stores in  the USA: 

Features (From the manufacturer):

  • Child toy and carrier
  • Touch the top of the Child's head to activate sound effects inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian, including happy and excited, giggles and babbles, tired and sleeping, and Force effects sounds
  • Features motorized movements, including a head that moves up and down, ears that move back and forth, eyes that open and close, and more
  • Pat the Child's head three times for Force activation, in which the animatronic toy will raise its arm, close its eyes, and sigh, as if using the Force
  • Pretending to channel the Force takes a whole lot of energy and requires a lot of rest. Lay the Child toy down and it will close its eyes and take a ''Force nap''
  • The cloth carrier can be worn two ways—over the chest or over the shoulder— and also converts into a sleeping blanket
  • More than 25 sound and motion combinations.