Marvel Legends: Riot, Agony and Venom three-pack revealed and preorders live!

Preorders are open for the Marvel Legends Amazon exclusive Venom 3 pack. The set includes Venom (using the 2021 animated Venom SDCC body) Agony and Riot. It has an ETA of November 1st 2022. Get it at:


     Marvel Legends Series Venom Multipack

    (HASBRO/Ages 4 & up/Approx Retail Price: $77.99/Available: December 2022)

    Captured by the Life Foundation and subjected to excruciating experiments, Eddie Brock finds himself forcibly separated from Venom as his captors seek to harvest the symbiote’s offspring. One of five sibling symbiotes harvested from Venom by the Life Foundation, the Riot symbiote shows a predilection for hammers and other bludgeoning weapons. Unique amongst her symbiote siblings, Agony possesses all the same abilities as her siblings, with the added power to spit deadly acid.

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