The King of Fighters '98 Bishoujo Mai Shiranui PVC statue revealed. Do it for the art.

 Ok, we are not statue promoters here at GEN but hear us out: Has there been a time where the words "Mai Shiranui" haven't peeked your attention? We thought so, and this beautiful piece by Kotobukiya is no exception. She is made of PVC and is expected for the 4th quarter of 2022. Get her at: 


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Mai Shiranui of Team Women Fighters from The King of Fighters '98—a game often praised as the masterpiece of The King of Fighters series—joins the BISHOUJO series lineup for the very first time! Introducing the Mai Shiranui Bishoujo Statue!

This alluring kunoichi was stylized by the beloved illustrator Shunya Yamashita just for this figure, which will be brought to life by sculptor Yoshiki Fujimoto.

Starting with a healthy upper body wrapped in her red and white kunoichi costume, her obi’s bow balances perfectly on her hips, and her body lines were beautifully recreated down to her thighs and the back of her knees. This statue can be thoroughly enjoyed from any angle and will stand out no matter where it is placed!

The base recreates the road under the overpass of the JAPAN STREET stage which is based off Esaka in Osaka, Japan, where the SNK headquarters used to be.
Product Features

    8.27 inches (21cm)
    Made of PVC and ABS
    Based on The King of Fighters '98
    Part of the Bishoujo line
    Includes matching base based on the road under the game's overpass of the JAPAN STREET stage

Box Contents

    Mai Shiranui statue