Super 7 reveals: Ultimates Notorious B.I.G. and King Conan action figures revealed and preorders live

 Two new Ultimates figures have been revealed by Super 7: King Conan and his iconic throne of Aquilonia (Which is unfortunately sold separately) and a super cool Notorious B.I.G. 7 inch action figure. We know Funko has been doing some form of figures in their vinyl lines, as well as Reaction,  but a fully articulated action figure is what Biggie really needed.  We are on the East coast, and as such, we represent:

Biggie at BBTS

Biggie at Ent Earth

King Conan at BBTS

King Conan at Ent Earth

Throne of Aquilonia at BBTS

Throne of Aquilonia at Ent Earth

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 Notorious B.I.G. will never be forgotten, and now the iconic Hip-hop legend can be celebrated in the most ULTIMATE way! This 7 inch scale highly articulated Notorious B.I.G. ULTIMATES! figure looks just like you might have found him back in the day hanging out in Bed-Stuy, sporting his signature leather jacket, boots, and hat. Including multiple interchangeable heads & hands, a champagne glass, cane, sunglasses, gold chain, two hats, and a microphone, and packaged in a collector-friendly deluxe slipcase style box with gold foil accents, this made-to-order Notorious B.I.G. ULTIMATES! figure is a must-have collectible for any Hip-Hop fan!
Product Features

    7-inch scale (17.78cm)
    Made of plastic
    HIghly detailed
    Fully articulated

Box Contents

    Notorious B.I.G. figure
    3 Interchangeable heads
        Neutral head
        Rapping head
        Expressive head
    8 Interchangeable hands
        2 Gripping
        2 Fists
        2 Open
        Alternate grip
    Champagne glass
    Designer Sunglasses
    Gold chain
    Newsboy cap
    Fedora Hat

Product Description

Conan’s many adventures eventually lead to him ruling as King of Aquilonia, but the mantle of responsibility finds the mighty warrior restless upon the throne!

Inspired by the end-credits scene from Conan the Barbarian, this 7” scale highly articulated Conan the Barbarian ULTIMATES! figure of King Conan features multiple interchangeable heads & hands, a soft goods fur pelt and cape, sword, dagger sheath, and dagger.

Can the legendary warrior finally find peace, or will the weight of the crown prove too great? With the made-to-order King Conan ULTIMATES! figure, you can decide his ultimate fate!

Base and throne not included.
Product Features

    7-inch scale (17.78cm)
    Made of plastic
    Inspired by the end credits scene of the classic 1982 film, Conan The Barbarian
    Super articulated
    Deluxe packaging

Box Contents

    Conan figure
    Alternate head
    2 Alternate pairs of hands
    Fur pelt

Not sure he can really achieve that pose....buyers beware!
It is the pinnacle of power to which Conan has risen through adventure and conquest! Is the Throne of Aquilonia the prize he covets or will it be the source of his ultimate undoing?

This 7” scale Conan the Barbarian ULTIMATES! Throne of Aquilonia features intricate sculpting and premium paint detail making it truly worthy to be the seat of power for the kingdom’s greatest warrior! With the made-to-order Conan the Barbarian ULTIMATES! Throne of Aquilonia, you can decide the fate of the mighty warrior and the kingdom he rules!

Conan figure sold separately.
Product Features

    7-inch scale (17.78cm)
    Made of plastic
    Inspired by the end credits scene of the classic 1982 film, Conan The Barbarian
    Perfect accessory for the Ultimates! King Conan (sold separately)

Box Contents


At that price, you'd think they could make it out of real metal at least?



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