INCOMING: NECA TMNT Sewer Lair Living Room Diorama

NECA has revealed a new addition to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon line - the Sewer Lair Living Room Diorama. While it has been showcased in previews at various events, is now set to hit the shelves as a mass-produced item. The diorama includes 3 brick walls, a couch, table, rug, as well as a variety of openings and pipes. Pre-Orders are scheduled to start on August 17th, later this week. Additionally, the Accessory Set featuring the four baby turtles will also be up for ordering at the same time. Stay tuned to GEN for more updates!


Preorders are live now exclusively at Neca's website:

Sewer Lair Living room

TMNT Cartoon accessory set