Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Splinter (Mirage Comics) Action Figure revealed available now

The TMNT Ninja Turtles line by Neca is about to get bigger with the addition of Splinter! He is based in his Mirage Comics appearance and features a brand new tooling (though it shares some internal parts with the Target version) It features a new head sculpt, feet etc, for comic book accuracy. It also includes new accessories like the 4 baby turtles, pre-mutation Splinter and more. ETA: September 2023. Get him at:

BBTS: https://bit.ly/47V1fYA
Ent Earth: https://ee.toys/TA8R6B

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Based on the original Eastman & Laird Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books from Mirage Studios! Splinter was mutated by the same ooze that changed four tiny turtles into his proteges in the fight against the Foot Clan. This 4.5-inch action figure is in 7-inch scale and includes cloth robe, walking stick, broken TCRI canister, baby Turtles, tea pot and cup, Mouser, Utrom, interchangeable hands, and pre-mutation Splinter. Comes in all new special comic-book themed window box packaging illustrated by Kevin Eastman.

Other figures and accessories shown not included
Product Features

    4.50 inches (11.43cm)
    Made of plastic and fabric
    From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic series
    Highly detailed
    Fully articulated

Box Contents

    Splinter figure
    3 Pairs of hands
    Walking stick
    Pre-mutation Splinter
    4 Baby turtles
    Broken TCRI canister
    Tea pot