Marvel Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech NR026 Winter Soldier action figure revealed and preorders live

 Preorders are open for the next Marvel Amazing Yamaguchi figure by Kaiyodo. The Winter Soldier is based in his comic book appearance, and will measure 6 inches tall. As usual he will include the myriad of interchangeable faces, hands and accessories all in order to achieve the uncanny poses of the Yamaguchi line of figures. ETA: June 2024. Get him at:


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During World War II, American soldier Bucky Barnes supported his best friend Steve Rogers, who became Captain America, and was thought to have died in the fight. However, he was secretly brainwashed by an evil organization and turned into the assassin "Winter Soldier". Although he causes a lot of chaos in the world, he regains his original personality and throws himself into a new battle with the heroes!

In addition to the excellent fighting skills he acquired as a soldier, his greatest weapon is the metal prosthetic hand that replaced his lost left arm. Even in Amazing Yamaguchi, the character is expressed with a well-proportioned and strong body, a dark-colored tactical suit typical of an assassin, and a metallic painted left arm that gives it a strong presence.

The Winter Soldier has shown unique success as both a villain and a hero. Katsuhisa Yamaguchi's movable gimmick allows the body to be posed in a comic-like dynamic manner by adding movements that humans do not have, such as swinging the shoulders back and forth by splitting both sides of the torso and moving the shins back and forth. Enjoy the action!

Captain America figure shown not included (sold separately)
Product Features

    6.7 inches (17cm)
    Made of plastic and fabric
    Based on the Marvel Comics character
    Part of the Amazing Yamaguchi line
    Interchangeable parts
    Highly articulated

Box Contents

    Winter Soldier figure
    4 Alternate face plates
        Neutral face
        Tired face
        Angry face
        Masked face
    2 Interchangeable pair of hands
    2 Knives with sheaths
    Display stand