Top 5 "The Mandalorian" best action figure gifts to look out for this season

With All the fuss about the Mandalorian series on Disney Plus (And the success it has garnered) You or your crush are surely looking for that perfect Mando gift. Say no more geek fam, here is a list of the top 5 Mandalorian collectibles in the market right now in no particular order:

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Star Wars The Black Series 6 inch The Mandalorian figure

 Originally sold out everywhere, the regular version is now being restocked at e-tailers nationwide with  an estimated arrival of March 2020. Allegedly, this one will be coming with a revised pauldron more accurate to the show, though we have not been able to confirm that. Hooray for JOURNALISM!
Get this mofo at:

Mandalorian Vintage collection 3 3/4 inch figure.

 If you are an OG and prefer your figures in the original 3 3/4 inch scale, say no more fam, Hasbro is releasing a fully articulated Mando for their vintage line. Get him at:

Hot Toys The Mandalorian 1/6th scale figure 
Intended for the "Discriminating" High end, top of the line, king of the hill collector, this version can get no better with a dedicated stand with impaled Stormtrooper helmet, weathered armor and fabric clothing. Beluga Caviar not included.
 Get him at:

Kotobukiya ArtFX The Mandalorian Statue 
If you are into  imported stuff, (AKA Japanese)  Koto got your back! This cat comes with magnetic feet, measures 6.9 inches tall and has a sculpted cape. SUGOI! Get him at:

Funko Pop! The Mandalorian vinyl figure
If you are into the Pop! Craze, Funko has your back with the most affordable option in this list.
REMEMBER: Multiple variants are sure to come. Get him at:

We are all about choices here at GEN, so f you want to pick for yourself, there is  A WHOLE lot  more Mandalorian merchandise to choose from. Happy trails kid!:

-Chris "Hunter" D.


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