Hasbro Fan First Friday reveals: Super Villains Wave, Xenmu, Quasar, and more! (Where to buy)

 Hasbro had another Marvel Legends Fan First Friday and revealed some new additions for the line. Unlike some toy news sites, we don't like to annoy you with long wordy texts so here are the PICSSS!:

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Wandavision figures will surely be coming soon (Nothing was shown yet)


The first reveal was the full " Super Villains" wave (Hey, it says so on the packaging) with characters like  Arcade, Lady Deathstrike, Dormammu, Red skull, Dr. Doom, The Hood and AIM Scientist Supreme. Collect all 7 to build Xenmu! ETA: August 2021. Preorder at:

BBTS: https://bit.ly/3bBGt3Z

Ent Earth: http://bit.ly/3qCauqw

Amazon: https://amzn.to/37vNr9k


Here we get Quasar and Nova! They will be EB Games exclusives in Canada and Walgreens exclusives in the US. ETA: Spring of 2021. You can pick them along your Viagra prescription:

Finally, you get Civil Warrior (Late 2020 release)

And AI Tony Stark which uses the anniversary Iron Man buck. Hasbro also announced that Modok can now open to store his parts inside. 

That's all for today, fellow toy deGENerates! Stay tuned for more Hasbro news,