Cara dune buying Frenzy! Black Series, Vintage Collection and even Funko Pops are selling high on Ebay

 Just hours after Gina Carano's firing from the Mandalorian, the Cara Dune action figures (the character played by Carano on The Mandalorian) have skyrocketed in price.

A quick search on Ebay's sold items register a quick uptick in the final sold price of previous figures most fans did not cared before the firing. The articles range from the Vintage Collection 3.75 inch figures, Black Series 6 inch, Fig Pins and even the previously overstocked Funko Pop that was seen clogging shelves at most Targets and Walmarts are starting to rise up in value. 

What most fans don't know is that at the time of this writing, MOST Cara Dune figures are still available for preorder for the regular retail price at several online retailers:

Cara Dune merch at BBTS:

Cara Dune merch at EE:

Cara Dune merch on Amazon:

So, if you have one and want to make a quick buck, hop on to Ebay and sell it. Then preorder yourself a new one for the regular retail price. 

Toys sometimes are like stocks. You hold them and sell them just when the price is at an all time high. Toy Diamond hands indeed.

-Chris "Hunter" D.-


According to Yakface, Hasbro has sent official word that the Cara Dune Black Series and Vintage figure reissues are cancelled. Retro figures are still a go.

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