Why Is Todd McFarlane doing action figures in 7 inches? -Opinion-

Why is the Toddfather dead set on always making figures in the wrong scale? The answer might lie in an interest rather than pure aesthetic or rebellious choice:

What McFarlane Toys is trying to do is make the 7 inch scale more valuable. He will do everything in 7 inches cause the 6 inch scale is a highly competitive market and every major license is now taken. 

Sure, 7 inches has been around for quite some time, but aside from some small companies almost nobody made anything relevant in that size. It's undervalued as a commercial scale, and no company dares to put their chips in it cause aside from some Neca hardcores (whose figures somewhat fit well with the 6 inch scale) and Diamond Select, is a scale mostly nobody collects, unless it's a giant, monster, or mecha that can fit with our mainstream 6 inch Marvel Legends, Mattel DC Universe,  Figmas or SH Figuarts.

That is, until McFarlane entered in the business. 

 By pumping every character and his mother in this size, plus competitive pricing, he adds value to it, hence securing his market share and a brand new lucrative scale where he alone (and a few others) have a whole new licensing slice of the market. Why compete when you can establish your own lucrative niche? That is why he only does Batman which is the most profitable character of the DC stable.  He knows people will gobble him up. Thus, generating quick value and gaining market share to the scale, while your shelves get invaded by 7 inch giants. 

This will allow him and his company in the future, to access big licensing deals for this size of figures, regardless if other companies have the 6 inch scale: "Hey, it's a new niche! Tons of people have bought our DC Figures! we have the numbers! Give us the license!" 

His niche is set, his reputation huge and pockets full. Well played Todd, well played.

Now his DC licensing deal expires in 2023, so we shall see if this bet succeeds. Todd McFarlane is a rebel, speaks in business and is a savvy entrepreneur. He likes to disturb the establishment and has made a reputation of it. I highly respect that.

 I for once, have stopped collecting DC since he started with the license. I have no interest on 7 inch giants conflicting with my more than 300 six 6 inch DC figures, but that's just me. You, do you.

Chris "Hunter" D.

-Chief Ed-



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