Mattel Creations loses it: $400 Baby Yoda (Grogu) with Hover Pram

I know we should bend to the overlords if we want to make it in the toy news business but here at GEN we don't care about our future and much less mince words when something like this is offered. 

The Baby Yoda (Grogu) with Hover Pram is the latest offering by "Mattel Creations": some sort of Hasbro Pulse wannabe that wants to resemble Matty Collector but with much less cooler offerings and premium prices (And a black background cause you know black screams PreMiUmnz) .

Grogu here is a 12 inch plush with plastic head, just like the $20 regular release, except this time it comes with hands, feet, and a bit of a better paint job, better eyes, insert hair and slightly better weathering on his clothes. He also includes a knob and chowder squid you can put on his face.

The "Selling point" here is the plastic hover pram which features a motorized closing lid and adjustable base (Up to 42 inches tall) where you can fit Grogu and yourself after your significant other kicks you out of the house for spending $400 (Before taxes and shipping) in this "premium" collectible.

Such price puts him right there with Hot Toys and Sideshow's premium versions which are far better investments in our opinion. (besides, you'll look much better holding those while homeless and drinking your Colt 45 in the curb) 

 But hey, I know there will be one person out there that will want this and for you we have  an old saying that says "there are far more people out there with money than brains" so go on and preorder yours via Mattel's website buddy! You know what they say about a fool and his money. 

And no, this is not a sponsored post.