Entertainment Earth Exclusive: DC Zack Snyder's Justice League Unmasked Batman Bruce Wayne Action Figure misses the mark by a TON!

 Ok, we are supposed to hype this figure and be "professionals" here. But that is code for "not criticizing" something and shutting our mouths to please the overlords. We will abide and won't tell you that looking at this figure is as painful as a slow motion colonoscopy. The likeness to Ben Affleck is clearly not done yet and should be put back in the oven. 

So add this "ESSENTIAL" variant for your McFarlane Toys Justice League Collection now! He is an Entertainment Earth exclusive (To no fault of their own)  and is due by June 2021

Get "Batfleck?" at: http://bit.ly/2Pkp8oE 

(Via affiliate link)


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