Popeye 5 Points Deluxe Box Set by Mezco Toyz revealed: Bluto, Olive Oyl, Rough House and more

 Mezco announced a brand new Popeye 5 points Deluxe set.  The set includes Popeye, Bluto, olive Oyl, and Rough House. They feature 5 points of articulation, stand around 3.75 inches tall, plus the background doubles as a playset based on Rough House's café. The set is priced at $55 and will be available by the third quarter of 2021. Preorder at:

BBTS: https://bit.ly/2PnToPy

Ent Earth: http://bit.ly/3vPKxqo

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"Well blow me down! Popeye and his nautical crew are joining the 5 Points family – complete with character-specific accessories and a playset designed after Rough House’s Cafe!

Ah ga ga ga! This titanic boxed set features Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, Rough House, and a playset – talk about a whale of a time!

Once assembled, Rough House’s Cafe features all the familiar details as seen in the nostalgic comic strips.


Popeye – Known for his constant muttering, squinting, and superhuman strength after gulping down a can of spinach, Popeye will do whatever it takes to rescue his beloved Olive Oyl from the wicked hands of Bluto. Popeye comes with a spinach can that he can hold and two pairs of interchangeable arms.

Olive Oyl – the poster girl for “damsel in distress”, Olive Oyl is Popeye’s eternal sweetheart. The two have stuck together through thick and thin.

Bluto – the brutish arch-rival of Popeye, Bluto is always trying to get rid of Popeye or strike it rich. Bluto has a devious attraction towards Olive Oyl and usually attempts to make her his conquest. Bluto comes with two pairs of interchangeable arms.

Rough House – a hard working chef and owner of Rough House’s Café, offering hamburgers and advice to those in need. Rough House comes with a spatula and a frying pan that he can hold.

Rough House’s Café – owned and operated by Rough House himself, this greasy spoon is the local hotspot for Popeye and his pals."


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