Super 7 reveals: The Iron Giant ReAction figures and preorders live

 Earlier this morning Super 7 revealed 3 Iron Giant figures for their ReAction line: Attack Giant, Super Iron Giant and regular Iron Giant with a one inch Hogarth Hughes. They measure 3.75 inches tall and are expected for an August-September release. Preorder at: 


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The Iron Giant ReAction Figure - The Iron Giant (with Hogarth Hughes)

"When a giant robot falls from the sky near Rockwell and is found by a young Hogarth Hughes, a story of discovery, adventure, and redemption begins to unfold. This 3.75” articulated Iron Giant ReAction figure features intricate sculpting and is accompanied by a 1” tall Hogarth figure. Add this Iron Giant ReAction figure to your collection and let it be a link to the movie that introduced us to a giant robot with an even bigger heart."

The Iron Giant ReAction Figure - Attack Giant

"The Iron Giant is generally docile and curious as his friendship with young Hogarth develops. However, if provoked, you better watch out! This 3.75” articulated Attacking Iron Giant features all the fearsome weapons that the Iron Giant is capable of unleashing when his attack protocols are activated. Tri-Scorpion cannons, Energy Claw, Spark Spinner Gun, and more...they’re all here! The Attack Giant ReAction figure will be an impressive addition to any collection."

The Iron Giant ReAction Figure - Super Iron Giant

The Iron Giant doesn’t want to be seen as dangerous or bad, even when playing pretend with his pal Hogarth. Rather than be the comic book robot villain Atomo, he wants to be a good guy. This 3.75” articulated “Super” Iron Giant ReAction figure features intricate sculpting and the large red “S” the Iron Giant wore to show Hogarth he wanted to be a hero like Superman. This Iron Giant ReAction figure is a good reminder that regardless of the pressures and stresses in our lives, we can still be the hero we really desire to be.