MAFEX reveals: Batman Hush Stealth jumper suit and Comic Iron Man action figures (official images)

 PROTON CANNONNN!!! Wait, wrong suit! 

Well, that's how Mafex decided to release this Classic Iron Man armor, which also includes interchangeable face plates, hands and... Skates? Sorry but our comic book knowledge only goes so far. You also get an unmasked Tony Stark head, blast and repulsor effects, for a "Sunday best" price hike. ETA: June 2022. Preorders are open at BBTS:

Also revealed was the Batman Stealth Jumper suit from the Hush series! This faithful comic book adaptation includes a wired cape, stealth jumper accessories, and the power to suck your wallet dry. ETA: June 2022


Ent Earth:

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Marvel MAFEX No.165 Iron Man (Comic Ver.)

Based on his appearance from the classic Marvel comics, Iron Man makes his return to the MAFEX figure line! He wears his original yellow and red color scheme and features blast effects, his jet skates, the Proton Cannon, and an alternate unhelmeted Tony Stark head.

Product Features

6.3 inches (16cm)

Made of ABS and PVC

Based on the original Marvel comics

Part of the MAFEX figure line

Comic book version

Box Contents

Iron Man figure

Unhelmeted head

2 Alternate helmet faces

4 Blast effects

Pair of jet skates

Proton Cannon

Figure stand

Batman: Hush MAFEX No.166 Batman (Stealth Jumper Ver.)

Product Description
The ultimate Batman: HUSH figure returns to the MAFEX figure line! Batman wears his classic blue outfit with a real fabric cape and stealth jumper accessories.

Product Features
6.3 inches (16cm)
Made of ABS, PVC, and fabric
Based on the Btman: Hush comics
Part of the MAFEX figure line
Stealth jumper version
Box Contents
Batman figure


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