Two memes in one: Entertainment Earth reveals Lil' Dumpster Fire "This is Fine" Vinyl Figure

 Thanks to the success of the "This is fine" Vinyl dog meme and the Dumpster fire figure of last year, a new The " Lil dumpster fire this is fine" vinyl figure by 100 Percent Soft, combines both the dog and the dumpster in a sort of apocalyptical representation of the last 2 years combined in one. It's a thing. ETA: September 2021. Get it at:



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Lil Dumpster Fire This is Fine Vinyl Figure:

This is Fine + Dumpster Fire = this! It's the ultimate apocalyptic meeting of the minds as Question Hound plops his adorable butt down on this burning dumpster fire, oblivious the flames and danger (of course). The front of the dumpster states, "This Is Fine." With original box art by KC Green, creator of "This is Fine." The Lil Dumpster Fire This is Fine Vinyl Figure measures about 3 1/2-inches tall. The end is near! Order yours today!


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