Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Hulk Revealed preorders live

We understand Hasbro wants to close the 2021 fiscal year with a positive balance on their spreadsheets but come on! Another Marvel Legends 20th anniversary figure has been revealed: Hulk and will include a base with effects, an alternate head, and some sort of damaged Mandroid head. 

Sorry but those heads are as ugly as an ass sandwich, but hey if you like it,  don't let us stop you. ETA: May 2022. Get yours at:


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Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Retro Hulk 6-Inch Action Figure:

Celebrate 20 years of Toy Biz' most enduring creation with Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Retro Hulk 6-Inch Action Figure! Packaged on retro packaging inspired by what you opened way back in 2002, this 6-inch scale plastic action figure is loaded with the articulation and nostalgia you need. 6-inch figure includes reversible backdrop and action diorama accessories.

For 20 years the Marvel Legends Series has brought the iconic characters and storylines of the Marvel Universe to fans worldwide. To celebrate the 2002 Toy Biz debut release, Marvel Legends proudly presents the 20th Anniversary Series 1, featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Toad! (Other figures not included, sold separately.)

Box Contents:

    Hulk figure
    Alternate head
    2 Alternate hands
    Damaged Mandroid head
    FX base
    Display base