Mezco reveals: One:12 Collective Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing action figure official images and preorder info

What better holiday reveal than a creepy murderous figure with a Pyramid for a head. Mezco opened preorders for their long awaited Red Pyramid Thing figure from Silent Hill 2. He will include 2 alternate heads, blood effects, extra blades and creepy mannequin with Creeper Bugs. Expect him to terrorize your collection by November 2022.
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Pyramid head Product Description

The gruesome headsman, Red Pyramid Thing, slashes his way through the One:12 Collective!

The One:12 Collective Red Pyramid Thing is outfitted in a weathered smock as seen in Silent Hill 2, and two interchangeable helmets.

Silent Hill’s executioner comes complete with the tools of his macabre trade, including the Great Spear and Great Sword with blood splatter FX that attach to both weapons. The nightmare doesn’t end there—a Mannequin is included as well as a slew of Creepers.

Red Pyramid Thing has become the most well-known monster in the Silent Hill franchise. As the manifestation of James Sunderland's desire for punishment, the Red Pyramid Thing exists to remind James of his past actions and the included signature weapons are instruments of James’ inner torment.
Product Features

    6.7 inches (17cm)
    1/12 Scale
    Made of plastic and fabric
    From Silent Hill 2
    Highly detailed
    Fully articulated
    Real fabric clothing

Box Contents

    Red Pyramid Thing figure
    2 Alternate head sculpts
    12 Alternate gloved hands
        Pair of fists
        3 Pairs of weapon-holding hands
        3 Pairs of posed hands
        Weathered smock
        Stained undergarment
        Combat boots
        Great sword
        Great spear
        Blood splatter effect for great spear
        Blood splatter effect for great knife
        Blood splatter effect for body
        3 Miscellaneous blood splatter effects
        9 Assorted Creepers
    Figure stand with One:12 Collective base