Kaiyodo reveals: Amazing Yamaguchi Black Panther and Venom reissue preorders live

 Kaiyodo revealed a brand new Black panther figure, done in their particular style. We know these are not everyone's cup of tea, but you gotta admit it looks pretty sweet. They have also announced a reissue of their Venom figure. They are slated for a December 2022 release.

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 The claws of Black Panther cut through evil!

The armor suit with woven Vibranium is made of high-tech material and detailed all over the body. It is painted in metallic, jet-black color to blend in with the darkness of the night.

The articulation of the entire body have been tuned to focus on the agile and powerful action befitting the name "Black Panther. The elbows and knees have a wide range of motion, and even when bent deeply, the outline connection is not lost, and the swinging of the arms is made possible by the swinging of the side of the split torso. Enjoy the acrobatic fighting style with the best possible articulation and modeling!

A wealth of effect parts are included to express the powerful attacks that the suit and body can produce. Use the punch effect on the fist, the shockwave effect that can be combined with other parts, and the slash effect with claws to create the image of a brutal battle.

The shockwave effect can be connected in a circular shape to express the impact of landing on the ground by placing it at his feet. And if you stand it on the small base included, it becomes a shockwave attack that releases the energy stored in the suit from its entire body. The effect modeling itself, which expresses the atmosphere of the comic with simple yet expressive lines, is also a highlight!

T'Challa, who has been training since childhood as the heir to the throne, is a master in all kinds of weapons as well as martial arts. A classically designed spear is included, allowing you to incorporate the hero's personality, which is reminiscent of traditional African culture, into his action poses.
Product Features

    6.69 inches (17cm)
    Made of PVC and ABS
    From the Marvel comics
    Highly articulated

Box Contents

    Black Panther figure
    3 Pairs of alternate hands
    2 Slashing effect parts
    2 Punch effect parts
    4 Shockwave effect parts
    2 Stands for shock wave effect parts
    Extension part for base arm

Amazing Yamaguchi Venom reissue: