Hot Toys reveals: Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi DARTH VADER (Battle damaged) 1/6 scale figure (official images)

 Here at GEN we don't cover much Hot Toys (We consider them overpriced Barbies) but from time to time, one appears that looks exceptional and such is the case with this Darth Vader 1/6th scale figure based in the Obi Wan Kenobi Disney+ show. The detail in this piece is insane! As usual with Hot toys, they have a version for the poor people, and a "Deluxe" one for the one percenters, but in this case it's just a hologram. Preorders should open soon, but in the meantime, bask in this glorious piece:


PREORDERS ARE LIVE and the cheapo version has been confirmed to not include the regular undamaged version of the helmet, or chest box. Does not include the hologram either. Get it at BBTS:


This is the regular version for us plebs out there, which to be honest is pretty fire:

The one percenter version includes an inquisitor hologram. MEH! 

And of course, there are teases such as the inquisitor and Obi Wan. No further details known.