Takara Tomy Masterpiece Beast Wars Mp-48 Dark Amber Leo Prime revealed and preorders live

 Yep, this figure is a redeco of the Mp-48 mold albeit in a less cartoony color, inspired by the 1998 Toys R Us Japan exclusive, and has an ETA of January 2023. Get him at:

BBTS: https://bit.ly/3uwdhFH
Ent Earth: https://bit.ly/3NLXtoV

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Product Description

A new warrior "Dark Amber Leo Prime" has appeared in the Masterpiece series.

Residual Angolmois energy derived from Unicron is concentrated and compressed in the earth's crust to become jet-black dark energy, and the fateful prime "Dark Amber Leo Prime" was born by fusing with the sparkless body of the legendary green lion Leo Prime.

The long-awaited MP-48 Leo Convoy has been recolored and given a new character setting. Although it is a popular classic villain color, its heroic modeling is ideal as a collection item.
Product Features

    Made of plastic
    Transforms from a jet-black lion into a robot
    Fully articulated
    Instructions may or may not include English translation

Box Contents

    Dark Amber Leo Prime figure
    4 Missiles
    2 Beam launch tubes
    Character card