We rescued the Gamepro ratings system and apply them to: TOYS!

 Great things should not stay buried. If you are old enough, you remember the old videogame magazines where us 90s and 80's kids got our latest intel on upcoming games. 

But how do you reviewed said games before the era of Twitch, YouTube or your favorite biased paid influencer/gamer?  

Well, we had the Gamepro ratings system of course!

The savior of  80's and 90's gamers. Image via Gamepilgrimage
 Though Gamepro wasn't always unbiased, what they created was a universal and effective way to rate something that was intangible, while giving us a sense of information of whether to buy or not said game.
"You only needed to look at the faces to see if the game was worth your time/money" said our Chief Editor Chris -Hunter- Diaz. " I grew up in Peru where most kids didn't speak any English at all. All we had to do was to borrow the latest Gamepro from your wealthier friend, look at the ratings and our mind was set. The English level was way too advanced for us to understand, but anyone could understand the ratings/faces."  
He-Man about to Rek Skeletor....OH WAIT!
But why apply it on action figures? "I think it applies perfectly for a figure as well" said Diaz. "Toys are intangible until you buy/see them for yourself. Of course while nothing will replace an old fashioned video review, this is a new option for social media consumers who don't want to put up with the personalities of online reviewers."
"In social media, attention is scarce and your carefully edited video can be ignored with a swipe. This just provides a different way to inform. Response so far has been great on several of our pages where we tested the feature." He added.

GEN'S adapted ratings system for action figures

"We would have wanted to create something much more original, but that can always evolve depending on the response we get from our respectable audience." 

As such, we rolled it out first on our Classified Scarlett review

 Expect to see more of these coming! And if you see any YouTuber using our idea, Spam him and tell him that GEN did it first. (and to give proper credit)


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