Out of the Box review: G.I. Joe Classified Series 6-Inch Origins Scarlett Action Figure (boy was that a long name)

 Welcome to another "Out of the Box" quick toy review brought to you by GEN and our own wallets! (Yes. we paid for this one) The online review where we know you don't read the text and just like to look at the pretty pictures.

Here we take a look at what we believe is the only figure worth chasing in the entire Snake eyes Origins movie line: Scarlett, based on the portrayal of Samara Weaving.  

By Chris "Hunter" Diaz


For the box fetishes, here is a look at the packaging. Artwork is nice, clean and a bit dark. They don't really pop in the shelves when you look at them.

 (Nice Snake eyes graphic on the back. I think I will cut it and put it with my family pics on a frame) 

First off, the likeness to Actress Samara Weaving is impressive with all that photo real paint. They even re-created her little mole. It's even better than the regular Classified one.

They tried to re-create scuffing on her armor but I don't think they quite nailed the effect. but still, nice to see some paint apps nowadays. The belt is not glued on and travels freely on her waist.

The ponytail has enough flexibility to not interfere with the articulation

This crossbow is not screen accurate. It's a new design made of solid plastic. It's all one piece unlike the first Classified figure. It stays well on the figure's hand and does not fall off easily. 

The ankle swivels work well although sometimes they feel cumbersome to pose. She tends to fall on her face if she is not properly balanced.

Her legs have that sliding articulation that has been a staple on the Classified line.

Paramount / Everett Collection . Bufoonery by GEN

Now, I'm a stickler for movie accuracy and unfortunately, she is missing a lot of painted details, particularly on the knee pads and the chest armor among others . The sculpts are only 90% accurate particularly missing rivets, pouches on her belt etc. 

She does not come with the Uzis seen in the movie. Only her trusty, non screen accurate crossbow. 

Comparison pics:  2020 Classified Scarlett, 25th anniversary Scarlet from 2008 (Custom face paint by HKC)  and 2021 Weaving Scarlett.

Overall, She is the best Scarlett in the market so far. She will quickly make you forget the Fortnite looking release from the first wave as she balances the military/fantasy theme without going overboard like the 2020 version. She stands perfectly as a regular Scarlett even if you are not a fan of the movie.

  She has started to trickle down on retailers (We found ours at Target) but she is still available for preorder at our sponsors:
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