Hasbro Pulse Con Marvel Legends Reveals and preorders live

 Alright! Preorders are open now for the latest Marvel Legends reveals!

For the Marvel Legends Retro line, we can get our hands now on a reissued Scarlet Witch (without metallic colors and more accessories) and Vision (white) :

BBTS: https://bit.ly/3i5IAzV
ENT EARTH: https://bit.ly/2T4kNIg
AMAZON: https://amzn.to/3pukTGS

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On the MCU front we get a Captain America 2 pack featuring Sam Wilson with the first Anthony Mackie head without goggles. Fans will also be able to snatch Avengers Endgame worthy Cap in this set, sans Mjholnir in case you missed him the first time around.

Another update was the Marvel Legends Winter Soldier with more accurate costume, accurate weapons and new head without the visor.  

They are available for preorder with an ETA of April 2022 at:

BBTS: https://bit.ly/3B73Sor

Ent Earth (Winter Soldier): https://bit.ly/3B73Ywj

Ent Earth: (Cap 2 pack): https://bit.ly/3npyBIu

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3pukTGS

Marvel Legends turns 20 next year and Hasbro had 2 reveals: Captain America and "Charles Bronson" Iron Man (Srsly...just look at him)  with the horned mask. They will come in retro Toy Biz inspired packaging, double sided backgrounds with stands sporting the classic Marvel Legends logo,  and a plethora of accessories. 

Available for preorder at online retailers only (No amazon at the moment, sorry!) 

BBTS: https://bit.ly/3pvOaRv

Ent Earth: https://bit.ly/3nkd4RG 

Also revealed were Wolverine And Jubilee from the animated series complete with retro VHS packaging and cel shaded deco. Wolvie includes the iconic meme portrait and the picture is swappable so you can replace it with the rightful one... (Not included)  

Wolverine and Jubilee are Hasbro Pulse exclusives sold individually and available for preorder now

On the new reveals front we have Knull with Necro Sword (8 inches tall) , Walgreens exclusive Baron Zemo, Vulcan sporting a new pinless body, and fan vote  Despair. No release date or preorders available at the moment: 
Knull with Necro Sword

Vulcan and his new pinless body:

Fan vote: Despair


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