Hasbro Pulse Con Reveals: Transformers Legacy official images and preorders live

New Transformers Legacy line announced! It will feature many different characters from the Transformers Multiverse, and Hasbro is starting with Deluxe Class Skids, Dragstrip (Yep, he is a combiner) , Arcee and Kickback. On the  Voyager scale we have Bulkhead and on the Leader Class G2 Optimus Prime. ETA: July 2022 Preorder them at:

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Bulkhead will be a Voyager Class:

While G2 Optmus Prime will be a Leader Class, with his rig opening into a battle station:

The Deluxe class is looking great! Revealed here were Skids (Personal favorite) Prime Arcee, Dragstrip (Yes, he will combine into Menasor's right arm) and Kickback! Finally we can start our insecticon armada: 

Available for preorder is also the "Behold Galvatron" Leader Class figure featuring the maniacal Decepticon leader just as he was being reformatted by Unicron. Includes several extra accessories for your Haslab Unicron figure. Available at Hasbro Pulse Now 



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