Hasbro 1027 event recaps: G.I. Joe Alley Viper, Star Wars bad Batch, Mr. Sinister and Haslab Ghostbusters

Hasbro held today their 1027 event (A livestream for paid Hasbro Premium members only) and there were some nice reveals to check:


On the Legends side they revealed a new Mr. Sinister based on the animated show, complete with cel shading and VHS packaging. This one joins the Wolvie and Jubilee revealed last week. Sinister is a Hasbro Pulse exclusive available now on Pulse  

Also revealed was a comic book style Marvel legends Iron Spider. No preorders or availability announced yet.


On the Star Wars Black Series side, they revealed a  new Jedha patrol Stormtrooper, Omega and Echo from the Bad Batch and Bib Fortuna complete with drinkware...

(Not available yet for preorder)

 On the G.I. Joe classified side, they revealed the freaking Alley Viper! (Finally) He is not yet available for preorder.


 Also revealed was a brand new Cobra Officer who is available for preorder right now!


On the Transformers front only Legacy Lift Ticket was revealed. he is a redeco of Hoist, but reminiscent of his Diaclone original toy, and available for preorder now:

BBTS: https://bit.ly/3GsmqDu
Ent Earth: https://bit.ly/3CmqZN7

Finally, they revealed a new Haslab project: The Proton Pack, which you can back up right now at Hasbro Pulse



Complete that collection FOO!