Transformers Tenseg bases revealed....We don't get them

 Honestly, when it comes to bases to display figures, the concept is simple, but Takara  seems to take the idea and make it a bit too gimmicky for words. We are not sure how to describe these. Perhaps a video would have helped sell the concept better? As of this publication, we have zero idea of how these work. We rather be honest instead of just copying and pasting the official description.

The Tenseg base or "Anti Gravity Pedestal Tensegrity" (more gimmicky words for something we don't understand) comes in both faction colors and there is also a set that includes a repainted Optimus Prime figure that was included with the Kingdom Ultra Magnus a while ago. They are expected for a July 2022 release. Get them at:

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Product Description

"The Tenseg base is a display base that looks like it is floating in the air using a tensegrity mechanism.

By balancing the base, which consists of two upper and lower parts, with tension material, you can enjoy the display as if it were floating in the air.

By assembling, you can experience the mysterious tensegrity mechanism that makes TF feel like they are floating in the air. "




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