Mafex SDCC 2021 reveals: Huntress, Snyder Cut Superman, Animated Joker, Iron man and more

 Thanks to Toyzfrontline via Facebook we have images of the upcoming Mafex figures for 2021. Included in this batch are new reveals such as Huntress (with shorts instead of her regular bikini), Marvel's Iron Man,  High altitude suit Batman from Hush, The New Batman Adventures Joker, and the Boys Black Noir!


Added Cyborg Superman, X-Factor Cyclops, Hush Nightwing, Ben Reilly Spidey, and Billy Butcher

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TNBA Joker! 
(Batman Animated is up for preorder now at BBTS and Entertainment Earth)

High altitude suit Batman (Hush)

Classic Iron Man

Simple, yet effective.

Does your wallet bleed? IT WILL.

There were also some figures we have seen already such as Azrael Batman, Harley Quinn, and black suit Superman, all available for preorder here:

Margot who?

Cyborg Superman

Nigthtwing Hush

Ben Reilly Spider-Man

X-Factor Cyclops

The Boys Billy Butcher


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