New MAFEX action figure reveals: New adventures Joker and Symbiote suit Spider-Man preorders live

Mafex opened preorders for their previously revealed Joker (The New Adventures of Batman) and Symbiote suit Spidey. They both include alternate faces and character themed accessories such as the web backpack for Peter and the money, knife and wallet for Joker. ETA: July 2022 Get them at:


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 Spider-Man joins the MAFEX figure line from the Secret Wars comics! Wearing his black costume he features swappable heads and several web accessories. 

Product Features

6.1 inches (15.5cm) 

Made of ABS and PVC

Based on the Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars comics

Black Suit version

Part of the MAFEX figure line

Box Contents

Spider-Man figure

3 Head sculpts

Alternate hands

Web backpack

2 Short webs

2 Medium webs

2 Long webs


Based on The New Batman Adventures animated series, this figure of The Joker by MAFEX is fully articulated.  The Joker features alternate faces and several accessories. 

Product Features

6.30 inches (16cm)

Made of plastic

From The New Batman Adventures

Fully articulated

Part of the MAFEX line

Box Contents

The Joker figure

2 Head sculpts

Alternate hands



Stack of money

Folded money airplane