Primal is back! MP-32 Beast Wars Optimus Primal reissue and preorders live!

Primal is getting a re-release! In a totally unexpected move, listings for the MP-32  Masterpiece Optimus Primal figure have started to pop up at several retailers. There appears to be no difference with the first release, so if you missed out on that one, here is your chance. Primal has an ETA of June 2022. Get him at our sponsors: 


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Product Description
This articulated figure transforms from robot to beast; joints are provided to allow him to stand on all fours in beast mode. Optimus Primal includes 2 Cyber Blades and 6 different face plates: 3 for beast mode and 3 for robot mode.

In bot mode, his Cyber Blades can be attached to his back and his shoulders can open to reveal Mega Blasters within while his forearms feature hidden cannons!

Product Features
Made of plastic
From the Beast Wars: Transformers TV series
Transforms from robot to gorilla
Shoulders and forearms can open to reveal Mega Blasters and cannons
Instructions may or may not include English translation
Box Contents
Optimus Primal figure
3 Ape faceplates
3 Robot face plates
2 Cyber Blades