Masters of the Universe Masterverse Power-Con Reveals available for preorder now: Viking He-Man Barbarian Skeletor, Scareglow, Fisto, Andra and more

 Preorders are up now for the Masters of the Universe Masterverse Power-Con 2021 reveals! Included in this wave are Viking He-Man, Barbarian Skeletor, Scareglow, Fisto, Stinkor, Andra and more. They all have an estimated arrival of November 2021. Preorder at: 


Ent Earth:

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Also revealed were a regular Teela, and Mer-Man! Coming later in 2022.

PRAISE THE HOLY SPROCKET! Trap-Jaw and Tri-Klops will be deluxe figures with interchangeable clothes to turn them into their cult versions.

Also a deluxe figure, King Grayskull will be a Target exclusive.

Viking He-Man and Barbarian Skeletor are based in early concepts for the original line, but in a Masterverse twist. They are available for preorder now: