Sun Man returns! Olmec Toys partners with Mattel to produce Rulers of the Sun action figures

 On their official Sun Man Instagram account, Olmec Toys announced a partnership with Mattel to produce Sun Man action figures incorporating them to the Masters of The Universe lore.

Sun Man was created by Olmec Toys. A small toy company started by Ela Eason in New Jersey back in 1985 with the sole purpose of creating figures for her son who didn't believe he could be a superhero cause he was black. The line also included Hispanic and Native American characters.

Sun Man's original prototype

80's promo for Sun Man

Sun Man will be available at Mattel Creations website on Monday September 13th and will retail for $35. He will include 2 heads, interchangeable hands, wings, shield and more.
there will be a mass retail release for Spring 2022 along with Digitino and Pighead

Of course they had to put Man-At-Arm's armor upside down...