Greed knows no bounds: The Haslab Ghost Rider cash grab is live.

Earlier today, Hasbro announced their Ghost Rider "Engine of  Vengeance" crowdfunding project at $350 ($400 when you add taxes and shipping) And we gotta say is the most nauseating cash grab in the history of the toy industry.

Ladies and gentlemen, If a broke arse company like Mattel can do a full Barbie car for $25 ( We are sure as hell Hasbro could do this for less than the ridiculous $400 they are asking (Remember bucko, you have to add taxes AND shipping). Another example would be McFarlane Toys and their Batmobeast ( The thing is HUGE and costs $50
This is just a piece of ABS plastic with some leds and translucent parts plus a figure that reuses parts from others. Not to mention it's an unlicensed Dodge Charger lookalike. Why the upcharge?

Greed unchained.

We sincerely Hope it fails, but like a corporation owner once told us: "In this country, people have more money than brains." so we assume it will get funded in no time. 
Since 2019 Hasbro has become a greed machine that is producing sub par products, with sub par materials while cutting costs on everything they can. Yes, the windowless packaging is just a stunt to save money and pass the savings onto themselves, while using the "environment" narrative to avoid being criticized cause if you do, then it means you hate mother Earth. 

Of course your regular YouTube influencer/Toy press or Hasbro stan is not going to say this cause they don't want to piss their overlords and want to receive the sweet "press kits" and access to be first in line sycophants on the next Hasbro Fan Fest. Here at GEN we care about integrity more than anything. Plastic has very little meaning to us.

"We took their money again!" Legends team: Guy in the left who nobody knows, Dwight Stall, and Thrift store hype man Dan Yun clapping like a seal.
 Go and spend that money on a small toy company like McFarlane Toys, The Four Horsemen, Boss Fight, etc. Dine out with some friends, test drive a REAL Dodge Charger, or save it for a trip with the family. In the end this huge hunk of plastic will remain gathering dust in the shelf, while the executives that created it will be traveling around the world, getting laid with much younger girls thanks to the huge bonuses they got from your $400 bucks.
We rather do the banging ourselves. Thank you very much.
UPDATE: As of 9/23/22 The project FAILED to unlock the early bird Robbie Reyes figure. Here is our humble tribute: