New York State Trooper arrested for Toy swapping at Walmart

 Jefferson County, N.Y.- Bad Boys Bad Boys oh wait...A New York State Police officer was arrested on Tuesday for trying to return a newly purchased McFarlane action figure after swapping it for an older, used and weathered model. 

New York State Police logo (kinda)

Errol Oskay, 36 from Sackets Harbor faces misdemeanor charges for petit larceny (In Florida is the taking of property valued at under $750 with the intent to deprive the owner of a right or benefit in the property. ) and falsifying business records. (The part when you sign the receipt is an acknowledgment that you are not committing any crime) He has been suspended while an internal investigation is conducted.

Oskay bought the toy from Walmart in Watertown on Monday and attempted to return in on Tuesday while he was off duty. That's when Walmart Asset protection discovered the swapped toy and informed authorities.

"Swapping"  has been going on in the toy industry for years and is nothing new to us toy collectors. There are even Facebook groups dedicated to spot these across the US. Now this happened with a McFarlane Toy that HAS a window. Can you imagine the carnage that is about to unfold when Hasbro goes full into windowless boxes? 

The scene of the crime: Walmart in Watertown...(Credit: Google images cause we are not that rich)

Is a $20 toy worth losing your job, going to jail, doing community service, paying fees, attorneys, possible restitution to the retailer, and having that misdemeanor permanently in your record? HELL NO. Think before you act. There are other LEGAL ways of sticking it to toy companies but stealing and destroying property are definitely not one of them.

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