Target Fall Geekout 2022 is here for the entire month! Here are the links you need to know

 Target Fall Geekout is on for this whole month and here are some of the highlights being offered for preorder right now:


We have some Dungeons and Dragons! The single figures will be available nationwide, while the Dungeon Master and Venger 2 pack will be Target exclusives:

Dungeon Master and Venger 2 pack:

Dungeons and Dragons Hank:

Dungeons and Dragons Bobby and Uni:  

Dungeons and Dragons Diana:

Black Series Imperial Officer Ferrix (From Andor):

Black Series Shoretrooper (From Andor):

Studio Series Optimus Prime (Exclusive to Target):

N.E.S.T. Studio Series Ratchet: 

Studio Series N.E.S.T. Bonecrusher (wait, what?):



Target Fall Geekout week 3: More Neca

TMNT Smash and Zach 2 pk:

TMNT Tokka and Rahzar (Cartoon): 

Ultimate Doc Brown (1985):

Universal Monsters: Michaelangelo as The Mummy: 

Ultimate Robocop:



Target Geekout Week 2:

Usagi Yojimbo:

Neutrino 3 pack:

Rock soldier and Goon:

Leonardo as the hunchback:


Mandrake the Magician:

Target Fall geekout week 1 (McFarlane toys)

Batman Animated Series 30th anniversary figure with electronic backdrop:

Retro 6 inch Alfred as Batman figure:

Retro 66 Batman 4 pack figure set with lunchbox :