Let the scalping begin: Queen Elizabeth II Funko Pops skyrocket in price after the monarch's death: But there is more!

 With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II everything related to Her Majesty is going up in price, and toys are not the exception, as her Funko Pop's have immediately risen in price, some reaching even the $95 mark on auction sites like Ebay


Sellers on Amazon  are charging up to $164 for the green dress version. Whether someone has bitten on that price, is not known since Amazon doesn't let you see closed listings.

Originally released in 2018 as part of "The Royal Family" collection, Queen Elizabeth came in 2 versions: A regular in her red dress, and an exclusive with her lime green dress. Only the red version  included her Welsh Corgi "Pembroke".


Alas, savvy Funko has quietly opened preorders for a re-release of both 2018 versions. So far, only Entertainment Earth has the preorders live: https://ee.toys/FPUG3Q 

Humans are gonna human. All this aside, we must recognize the immense impact Queen Elizabeth II had in her people and in Pop culture. Her quiet demeanor and steadfast leadership guided England and the Commonwealth through everything. We at GEN extend our condolences to our British readers and in the words of Her Majesty's 2020 speech:  “ Even on the darkest nights, there is hope in the new dawn”.