The ultimate Hasbro Trolling: DC Multiverse Gold Label Batmobeast Walmart exclusive by McFarlane Toys revealed (Does not cost $400)

 Oh Unca Todd, you really know how to trigger the fanboys. Yesterday, McFarlane Toys unveiled their Walmart Exclusive Batmobeast. This variant features the original Batmobeast frame, but this time it includes a repaint of the Dark Knights Death Metal Batman that can sit inside,  plus a scythe accessory all for $50. Say what you will, but this feels like a direct trolling to the failed Haslab Ghost Rider project who last week failed to achieve the Early Bird Robbie Reyes figure. 

This Batmobeast is a Walmart exclusive available for preorder now:

The original Batmobeast is still available on Amazon for $51:

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