Dark Nights: Metal DC Multiverse Batman Earth -32 (Dawnbreaker) & Green Lantern Two-Pack preorders live

 Another day, another Batman from McFarlane. This time however is a two pack including a reissue of The Dawnbreaker who includes a bunch of nice constructs, a base to pose them plus Hal Jordan! They are available on August 31st. You can preorder the set at:

BBTS: https://bit.ly/3izRLdU

Ent Earth: https://bit.ly/3gbyhLi

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2TkW2Hq

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"In DC’s Dark Multiverse, on Earth -32, the green light of will has twisted an angry Bruce Wayne into something very dark and sinister. After the murder of his parents in Crime Alley, young Bruce is gifted with a Green Lantern ring, which allows him to fly and to generate deadly hard-light energy constructs. With no Alfred Pennyworth to guide him, he soon swallows his fear and pain and lets the void that remains corrupt him and the ring, unleashing a wave of darkness across his world, and now ours, as The Dawnbreaker.

This 7-inch scale figure two-pack was designed with McFarlane's signature Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range and posing.


Dawnbreaker figure

Bat construct

Green Lantern figure

Jetpack construct

Energy construct



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