Super 7 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates Wave 1 Full reveal and Accessories list

Super 7 revealed their Power Rangers Ultimates Wave 1 complete with the full list of accessories. These figures measure 7 inches tall and the first batch will include the Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Putty Patroller, Goldar and the T-Rex Dino Zord. They are expected for a September 2022 release. Preorder them at:



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Mighty Morphin Green Ranger includes:

Dragon Dagger (show accurate)
Blaster used in final battle as Green Ranger (against Turbanshell monster)
Sword of Power
Original toy accurate Blade Blaster
Original toy accurate Dragon Dagger
Swappable Arms (missing gold cuffs, original toy accurate)
Original toy accurate Dragon Shield
Open morpher
4 sets of swappable hands
Tommy Oliver head (ponytail)
Evil Tommy Oliver head (Mullet of Mayhem)

Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger includes:

Ticklesneezer doll
Trini head
Aisha head
Blade Blaster in all 3 forms
Original toy accurate Blade Blaster
Power Daggers (show accurate)
Original toy accurate Power Daggers
Flowers used to stop running in that one episode
Power coin powered up
Open morpher
4 sets of swappable hands

Putty Patroller includes: 

Z Putty alternate head
Z Putty vest
Z Putty knee pads
Boulder hand
Blade hand
2 sets of swappable hands
Wild West Rangers gear (hat, tie, etc.)
Football jersey

Goldar includes: 

Open mouth head
Wing stubs
Goldar’s Sword
3 sets of swappable hands
5 star discs
Power Coin box

T-Rex Dino Zord includes:

2 Swappable Hands
2 Red Ranger miniature figures
Tyrannosaurus Power Coin
8 inches tall


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